Welcome to Ironbrook UV Corp

Ironbrook Partners manufactures operator friendly Ultraviolet Disinfection equipment. No fancy bells or whistles to fail, but simple plug in and walk away technology. Over 30 years of experience has taught us what lasts in the field and what doesn't in all climates around the world. Operators can be confident that they can easily maintain our systems, as they have been for decades. With the industries best after market service support, your operators are talking and being retrained by the very people who commissioned your equipment.

Ironbrook Partners UV systems work because the design is simple and you have the knowledge and confidence to properly maintain the system.

Mission Statement

To provide the most cost effective Ultraviolet Disinfection System in the world, backed by field proven reliability and the commitment to be with you twenty years from now to expand your system when the time comes with simple easy to operate technology.


Why should you buy an Ironbrook Partners Ultraviolet Disinfection System? The answer is simple. It works! The design is not new, it is very old and simple technology that has been working since the 80s and continues to work throughout the world from the farthest reaches of Canada, to the high temperatures of Southern California and Mexico and as far away as Korea. Our systems range from as small as 4 lamps treating 100,000 USGPD to the world's largest UV system with 11,520 lamps treating 265 MUSGPD.

Why do Wastewater Treatment Plants continue to install low pressure UV lamps and expand their low pressure UV lamp systems. The answer is simple - cost. When you add the cost of energy usage, which is the most significant cost in operating an Ultraviolet Disinfection System, it is easily the most cost efficient design. With recent sky rocking oil and energy prices; the energy efficiency of the design is becoming increasing important and often the only criteria given restrictions on energy usage.

With our design: there is no maintenance of hydraulic systems, underwater moving parts, misalignment issues and serious algae growth. Talk to plants that have had other lamp technologies for many years, and ask how much they enjoy hand cleaning the quartz sleeves after the warranty period expires. With our design you are simply dropping in a clean bank of lamps and can always having a spare bank ready when you are.

We will be here to assist you with the growth of your plant twenty years from now, as we are doing with our existing customers today. In twenty years the answer will be always be yes! Yes, you can get the same parts, yes, you can have the existing design expanded and yes, and we will continue to support your system well past the warranty period. How can we be so confident, easy we've been doing just this for the last 27 years.